As a leading supplier of complete, managed healthcare staffing solutions, we are experienced in providing flexible, bespoke services that are tailored exactly to the needs of our clients, using a partnership approach.
We do not stick to the traditional “supply only” model as we focus on high quality patient care and measured clinical outcomes.
Our aim is simple, to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver outstanding customer service.
By working with Sparkling Care Ltd you can expect a wide range of excellent benefits.
These include:

  • A large bank of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, such as nurses, care assistants, support workers and locum doctors.
  • Diversified services for nursing and care homes, domiciliary clients, private hospitals, GP surgeries and other medical establishments.
  • 24/7 Backup regardless of holidays, public events and weather conditions.
  • Mandatory training & specialized training as part of ongoing training and development for all of our workers.
  • An agency that is compliant with CQC, NHS and other care standards.
  • Quality Assurance Procedure in the form of Client Feedback and Complaint Reporting.
  • Localised service with company owned transportation facilities A wide network of branches.


Whatever You Require

we will help you to find the most cost-effective health and social care solution.